Take Your Summer Look to Fall and Blow Out How To

We all worked hard to achieve our sunkissed balayaged hair for summer and looked great while doing it.  Now, Fall has arrived coupled with cold rainy days and fall leaves.  So what next for your hair?

Your summer locks can be transformed simply into a new fall look with strategically placed lowlights and a deeper shadow root.  This creates a multidimensional color like our guest above. The depth actually makes the blonde pieces look brighter while also providing the perfect lived-in look for Fall.


North Salon is a full-service hair salon located in the heart of Corona Del Mar village. Hair color, cutting, makeup and styling services from the top stylists in Orange County, we have everything you need to update your look for the holiday season.


This guest also struggles with keeping her curls. With the holiday season upon us, hair styling can make or break our look.  We refuse to let our girls have flat hair at their next holiday event! Hence, North Salon provides a Blow Out Series including 3 blow outs for $105! Thirty dollars ($30) off the regular value.  Make sure you add it to your list of to-dos so you are ready for that next event.


Can’t make it to the salon for a blow out? We got you covered.  The best way to achieve an amazing salon-worth look is to ensure you have the right products and the right tools.  We love Living Proof’s Prime Style Extender and Texture Mist.


How To:



Towel Dry Hair and apply Prime Style Extender from mid-shaft to ends.


Layer Texture mist over from roots to ends.


Flip head over and rough dry (dry with hands) upside down for maximum volume. (If you have a fringe, blow this out before flipping over to avoid strange upward cowlicks. Eek!)


Blow dry to 100%.


Divide hair into three sections and clip up each section: 1) Create a halo section around top of head from recession to recession moving around the top of head through crown, 2) hair from below halo to just above the ears, 3) nape to just below the ear.


Take down the bottom section and lightly spray more Texture Mist. Very little just to give some added texture for longevity of the curl.


Take square inch sections of hair and begin curling at base near root. (If you curl hair from ends to root you will end up with curls at the ends of your hair rather than roots to ends which looks more effortless and less contrived.) Curl the first 2 inches of hair near the root, leaving the ends out.  This hair is younger and therefore can handle and needs more heat than the ends.


Slowly release curling iron spring and wrap more hair from section through the curling iron until you reach the ends.  Ends should only be on hot iron for a second.  They need no more.


Alternate each section, one toward face, one away from face, throughout the section.  This also looks more natural.


Curl all hair in bottome section, then move to next section.


Finish at top section.  All hair around your face should be curled away from your face.


Once all sections are completed, let your hair sit to cool for 5-10 minutes.


Next, take a soft wide bristle brush, We love the Tangle Teezer, and lightly brush out curls.


Finish, with Living Proof’s Dry Volume Blast.  Spray lightly.  This is Victoria’s Secret hair in a bottle.  Finish with a light hairspray, like Davines Medium Hold Hair Spray.  Smells like a vanilla cupcake! Yum!


All items are available for sale at North Salon.  North Salon is a full-service hair salon located in the heart of Corona Del Mar village.  Hair color, cutting, makeup and styling services from the top stylists in Orange County. Blow out series available for sale in salon or at www.salonnorthauthentic.com.