Color Correction Extroadinaire

This had to be one of the most exciting color corrections of 2017.  This guest had previously-dyed black hair to the middle of her back.  She visited another salon and requested a brunette with caramel highlights and showed her stylist a pic of Eva Mendes.

What transpired next, according to her, was a long duration of color remover leaving her hair extremely damaged, porous, and over-lightened.  Due to this, she further had to lose 8 inches of length.


When she came in to see Natalie, she was desperate; however, unable to get an appointment for over two weeks.  Natalie sent her home with Olaplex 3 asking her to do treatments twice per week to get her hair to a healthier place to endure another color service.  

According to Natalie, the guest would need ample strenthening of her hair to even out her porousity and allow her hair to absorb and hold color.  When the guest arrived for her appointment, we were all excited to see the transformation.  

Here are the steps that took this “over-lightened guest” to Eva Mendes status!

First, we used the same technique for balayage using backcombing and placement; however, used olaplex 1 mixed with water to foil.  This allowed her tresses to get some much needed love while the second and third steps were done.

From root to end, Natalie applied a color filler using Goldwell Colorance demi-permanent color between all of the foils.  She then allowed the demi-permanent to process for 15 minutes.

She then used a towel to remove as much of the filler color as possible.

Next, Natalie applied a root color to her partially grown out darker new growth to achieve a rich chocolate brown.  She further applied a rich brown color from new growth to ends on top of the previously toweled off hair between the foils and processed for 20 minutes.

Finally, Natalie used a toner to richen up the blonde and cancel out some of those yellow orange tones that had been previously left behind by the color remover.  

Each step of color, included Olaplex 1.

Finallly, Olaplex 2 was placed on the hair and processed for 20 minutes.  

What was left was this gorgeous look that brought our guest to tears! Amazing work Natalie!

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