Beauty Questions Answered

What is the best hairstyle for my face shape?

This month we are attacking this age old beauty question.. ?Your face says it all. Nothing gives more direction on the best cut and color for you, then your face. Your face shape, placement of your eyes and eyebrows have a huge impact on what looks are most suited for you. Here is the nitty gritty of it…

The perfect face shape is oval. Most of us, do not have the perfect oval shape but with the right style, we can. For instance, have a round face? The best look will make your face look longer, so a look that adds height and length to your hair. Think long layers with a heavy straight fringe or for a shorter look, a cut with tight sides and more length on top. Opposed to a heavy layered cut that widens your face horizontally.

On the other hand, say you have a diamond-shape face where the widest points sit in the center of your face with a more narrow forehead and jawline. In this instance, we would want to create horizontal lines above and below the widest points of your face, while creating narrow vertical lines at that widest point. Think a pretty side-swept or curtain bang and layers that begin below the wides points. These together would widen the narrow areas and give your face a more oval shape.

✨ Want highlights? On a round face, we would want to start your highlights higher and travel down the length of your hair to create long vertical lines rather than a harsh ombre cutting directly at the cheeks which would widen an already round face.

Contrasty, if you have a long, narrow face or your eyes sit closer together, we would want to open your face by creating more horizontal lines. A sombre which rapidly increases in lightness at the eye or cheek level will widen the area creating a softer look.

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