August at North

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We, at North, are so excited August has arrived and here’s why!


Your Top 10 Reasons Why August is Awesome! ūüôā


  1. August is the last full month of summer so grab an ice cream cone or race to a pool party while it’s still warm and sunny (We joke! It’s always amazing in SoCal).
  2. This month celebrates Women’s Equality on August 25th! That means us #girlgang. ¬†In honor of all the amazing women¬†in the world working toward their flow,¬†North Salon will be hosting a professional clothing drive for Working Wardrobes. ¬†Read on to learn more!
  3. Orange County has tons of great events and music series like the Newport Beach Hyatt Regency Summer Concert Series, Dive-In Movies at the Fashion Island Hotel, and the last month of Pageant of the Masters and Sawdust Festival in Laguna Beach.  Come in to North to get a fantastic blow out, braid or makeup before heading to the event!
  4. U.S. Open continues through the first week of August so get to HB for some fun and check out all the gorg surfers.
  5. August has the fewest rainy days and is generally less hot than this sweltering July. (i.e. Pray for less humidity and  we get many more good hair days!).
  6. More Sunny Days equals more Vitamin D giving us strong teeth and healthy hair. Flip that hair and show off that smile! Want your hair to grow even faster? Come in and pick up Sugarbear, our Fav and yummiest hair and skin vitamin.
  7. National Lazy Day is August 10th and National Relaxation Day is August 15th.  This means, Take a load off and enjoy that summer cocktail!
  8. Olaplex just launched Olaplex 4 & 5 Shampoo and Conditioner.  Fantastic additions to your at-home care system supporting the bond building of Olaplex 3 to get your hair shiny and strong fast!  We got it at North Salon.
  9. August 11th will be the last of new moon super moons this year.  2018 has been a nutty year of New Moons, Blue Moons, Super Moons and Eclipses.  Have you felt great changes this year? Take advantage of this last Super Moon and set your intentions for the remainder of 2018 and beginning of 2019.  This moon is said to have major transformational strength.
  10. Babies, Babies, Babies…August tends the be the highest birth month in the U.S. Who doesn’t love babies!? Check out North’s Papyrus Gift Cards and Mommy-loving items to congratulate that friend or wife for 9 months of hard baby making!
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August 25th is Women’s Equality Day

That’s right, this month celebrates us Ladies! So let’s stand together, support and love one another and thank goodness for the courageous women that have fought and continue to¬†fight for equality!

In honor of all women, on Saturday, August 25th, North Salon is hosting a professional clothing drive for women through Working Wardrobes! Please bring any professional shoes, suits, blouses, pants, purses or briefcases, etc to help other women find their Success!

North will have clothing racks, boxes, as well as lots of snacks and mimosas to cheers to us girls! Yay!

North’s Summer Menu
This summer has been a hot and humid mess in Orange County. ¬†We love where we live, but this is taking a toll on our hair. ¬†Suffering from dull, dry, or unmanageable hair? Check out North’s New Summer Menu to add on your next service!¬†
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August’s Look of the Month!
Via Instagram: @northauthentic
Stylist: @nataliepalomino
Natalie achieved this amazing summer look using her signature balayage technique, followed by some lowlights and a shadow root for dimension.  Is your hair August ready?
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Olaplex 4 & 5



We are excited to announce that after a year formulating, Olaplex just launched it’s own Shampoo and Conditioner…Olaplex 4 and 5, respectively. ¬†This at home hair care system is said to continue the work of your Olaplex treatment offering strengthening and shine without leaving the hair weighed down. ¬†Not sure about you, but we are in!


Olaplex 3, 4 and 5 are all at North! Come in and pick yours up asap.

Interested in an Olaplex Treatment or the Olaplex at-home care system? Call North Salon at 949.627.9998 and let us walk you through any other questions you may have.