Green Hair Woes

Help! My Hair Turned Green!

    Swimming in the pool this summer, or maybe even not swimming at all, but seeing a green hue in your hair?  This can happen for multiple reasons, but there are ways to combat it.  You can get in front of the problem or solve it after.  Read on to learn how.

Why Does This Happen?  
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     Chlorine is not green, and it’s actually not the chlorine that causes your hair to turn color, although the chlorine may help indirectly.   Actually, the green color is caused by certain heavy metals, mostly copper, that lodge in cracks in the scaly outer covering of your hair shaft. This outer covering is called the cuticle, and it normally protects your hair. Swimming a lot can damage your cuticle, allowing the copper and other metals to get in to the hair shaft and stick there. Once there, they oxidize (kind of like rusting), and oxidized copper is green. Chlorine’s role in this is that it help damage your hair’s cuticle. (Remember, what I said on a previous post about swimming with hair extensions?). So, although the green you see is not chlorine, the chlorine probably helped the copper get in and stick there. The copper then oxidizes causing, there it is…Green hair.
     For these same reasons, you may experience green hair even when you’re not swimming. This could be caused from copper rusting in your plumbing.  As you can see below, copper rusting green can be beautiful. But not on your hair. 🙁 Boo…
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So, What Can I Do About It?

What To Do Before It Happens:



   If you must swim, rinse your hair down with water and spray a leave-in conditioner with SPF before entering the pool.  We love Saphira’s The One, which has SPF, Heat Protection, and is made up of all kinds of yummy absorbing oils like Rosemary and Jojoba, so no greasy residue is left behind.  If you are in and out of the pool all day, just like sunscreen for your skin, you must reapply.  It’s a small step to ensure you avoid green days and damage to your hair later.


     If the issue is in your shower at home? Hardware stores or even our beloved, Amazon, have multiple hard water filters to choose from.  Ensure you purchase one that eliminates as much rust going into your hair as possible.  


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How To Deal With It After It Happens


     So, your hair is already green.  How do you get rid of it?  You can try using a good clarifying shampoo at home, like Davines’ Solu Shampoo.  A few clarifying shampoos could do the trick; however, if you are still seeing that green hue you may need something with more muscle.  Check with your hair stylist to see what kind of Professional Clarifying Treatments they may offer.  


     We, at North Salon, offer our awesome Professional Crystal Clarifying Treatment.  This intense clarifying treatment rids your hair of minerals, chlorine, rust, and environmental damage that may be caused from hard water, pools, and sea.  It also helps a ton with skin ailments like psoriasis eczema and chaffed skin.  When you come in, we will first give you a clarifying shampoo, before applying the Crystal Treatment.  Twenty minutes under the dryer and one more intense clarifying shampoo and Voila, goodbye green!

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     We love partnering it with North’s Nourish-Intense Conditioning Treatment (the two together are called North’s Novaturient Treatment, which means “new beginning”).  After our Crystal Treatment, your hair is clarified and open to absorb any yummy nutrients you want to put on so why not take advantage and give it ultimate hydration, anti-oxidants, and vitamins.  


     Remember, it is always easier to get in front of the problem (i.e. avoid it), then to be behind it.  Ensure you pick up a great leave-in conditioner and water spray bottle before you head to the pool or beach.  That spray bottle can also keep you cool longer while you catch some rays so Winning!






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