Save Hair from Heat Styling

It is the holiday season and that means dinners out, parties, fundraising events and family meetups.  In our commitment to looking amazing at every event, many of us put more miles on our hot tools then they get the other ten months of the year.  


Not only does that extra styling time affect the hydration and overall strength of your hair, but heat opens the cuticle and therefore allows that beautiful color to escape.  You might experience yellowing of your  blonde hair or brassiness in your deeper colors.  Ensure you are doing all you can to protect those beautiful tresses and that spectacular color this holiday season from all that additional excess heat.


1. Use a Strengthening Treatment

Protect those beautiful locks by using a strengthening treatment to lock your color in, like Olaplex 3.  Olaplex is a bond-building treatment, which strengthens the hair and therefore allows it to hold on to color that much better.  


2. Use A Leave-In Hydrating Oil or Product


That excess heat can start to damage and dry out the hair so ensure your locks are getting enough moisture.  Use a leave-in treatment that absorbs into the cuticle rather than sitting on top of the strand.  We love Saphira’s The One, which is rich in jojoba oil, Rosemary Extract oil, and 26 active minerals from the Dead Sea.  


3. Use a Heat Protectant Before Applying Any Heat


Imagine frying an egg on a pan without any oil or cooking spray.  What happens? Your egg sticks and burns to the pan, correct? Imagine the same thing happening to your hair.  People tend to forget how hot their iron is and place it on their hair with no protection. Make certain that you are using a heat protectant styler that protects up to 450 degrees (the highest heat of most hot tools).  


Are you averse to the feel of products in your hair? No problem…
Living Proof Restore Instant Protection applies no hold, but only applies moisture and 450 degree protection to your strands.  Spray a light mist on each section before applying any kind of hot tool to your hair. 


4.  Use a Anti-Brass Pigment Shampoo 


Who hasn’t heard of Blue or Purple shampoo? These products are a savior to anyone susceptible to yellowing of their hair.  This not only includes those with color or highlights, but anyone with greying or white hair.  


Davines Alchemic Shampoo and Conditioner have the most gorgeous violet tone and apply only enough pigment to keep your hair looking bright and soft.  We highly recommend them to anyone suffering from a little brass here and there.  Use once a week or every other week depending on brightness.  


Warning: These are not to be used as your daily shampoo and conditioner or you may experience a violet hue in your hair. 


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Holiday Heat Protectant Kit

Come in to North today to pick up North’s Holiday Heat Protectant Kit! You will be armed with all you need to save your hair this holiday season.  


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