Going Darker For Winter

Winter is here which Yowza! When did that happen? It happened, which means it’s time to start pulling out your warm winter sweaters, cozy blankets, and thinking of a new winter look.   This is when everyone starts debating if they want to go darker. Or, even red or some other deep color to show that the new season of cooler climates and cloudy skies has arrived. 

We, at North, love this time of year. Not only, because we get to turn on our evening twinkle lights a little earlier, but because You, our guests, are in the mood for something new. 
However, with change comes preparation.  Your hair has undergone stronger UV rays, chlorinated pools, vacations by the sea, and tight hair stretching top buns and other abusive summer habits.  All that equates to more compromised and porous hair. Porosity is the hair’s ability to absorb and retain moisture, but it also affects the hair’s ability to absorb and retain COLOR.
If you want to go darker for Fall, the time is now to start preparing your hair to hold that beautiful color and create more shine.  Unsure about your hair’s porosity? Keep reading…
 Here are some tell-tale signs of your hair’s porosity level:

Characteristics of Low Porosity Hair

  • Hair takes longer to dry.
  • Products tend to build up on the hair rather than absorb
  • Natural oils don’t readily penetrate, but rather sit on your hair.
  • Hair takes longer to get fully saturated when you wet it. 

Characteristics of Normal Porosity Hair

  • Hair has bounce and elasticity
  • Requires very little maintenance.
  • Easily accepts and retains color and moisture inside of the cuticle.
  • Holds styles well 

Characteristics of High Porosity Hair

  • Hair easily absorbs water, however, it requires more products.
  • Hair looks and feels dry.
  • Hair often looks frizzy.
  • Hair dries quickly.
  • Hair loses its color or toner quickly.

Now that you get the idea on low, normal and high porosity hair, it’s time to get armed with the right care for your hair so that you can retain that beautiful new Fall color.
Low Porosity Color Care
Low porosity hair has very compact cuticles, so it’s hard to inject moisture and color into the hair shaft, although it does retain moisture and color once it absorbs.  To raise the cuticle, follow these steps:

  • Use heat. Use a deep conditioning treatments under a hooded drier, steamer or even a warm towel or shower cap, to help products better absorb and bind with the hair.
  • Always apply products to damp, not drenched hair.
  • Use sulfate-free shampoo and rinses such as apple cider vinegar or baking soda treatments to ride your hair of product build-up.  It is great to use these rinses before a color service to ensure your hair is ready to absorb maximum color.

Normal Porosity Color Care
Normal porosity hair has a compact cuticle that easily lets moisture and color in.

  • Continue to do regular deep conditioning and Olaplex Treatments to maintain good product absorption. 

High Porosity Color Care
Parched, thirsty hair needs products to help it retain as much moisture and color as possible, so follow these tips to increase hydration and strength.

  • Use minimal heat. It’s best to air dry your hair, if possible.  We know this is difficult, so at a minimum turn down the temperature on your styling products.  Heat makes the cuticle open and color escape so monitor how much you use. 
  • Incorporate regular deep conditioning or Olaplex treatments into your hair care routine. Use Olaplex 3 or Davines Renaissance Circle to begin to repair the bonds and porosity of your hair.
  • Rinse with cold water to seal the cuticle and prevent color from sliding out.  Hot, hot showers are no Bueno for the skin or the hair. They are drying and again, open the cuticle to let the color escape.  Can’t take a cold shower? No problem. Wash your hair with cold or tepid water, then bag it in a shower cap and crank up the heat.
  • Detangle gently with a wide-tooth comb or wet brush to prevent hair loss and reduce hair breakage.  
  • Finally, combine a moisture locking leave-in conditioner like Saphira’s Leave-In Mud with The One to help seal moisture and combat thirsty porosity.  As we do live in Southern California, the UV rays are strong so ensure you are using a product with SPF to protect your color from sun bleaching. 

Texture, elasticity, density and porosity are all indicators of your hair’s personality and what you can achieve color-wise.  Now that you understand what yours is, North can tailor-make a winning at-home and in-salon color and product routine, so you always enjoy gorgeous, vibrant color and shine. 

Interested in learning how to care for your hair? Call North Salon at 949.627.9998 and let us walk you through any other questions you may have.