A Look Ahead….

On behalf of the tribe here at North, we would like to extend our gratitude to all of the beautiful faces that we saw in 2018.  

As the year closes with our 20th month in business, we feel enormously grateful and blessed for the success that we have had.  All due to you! 

We are truly honored to have serviced such an amazing group of recurring and new guests. Each one of you have been loving and supportive to our salon. We all appreciate your continued support!

Thank you, thank you!

Happy New Year!

We can’t believe it and bet you can’t either. 2018 lasted about five minutes, but boy did it leave a mark! For some of us, maybe a couple of scars?  Lessons learned, transformations began, and we see prosperity on the rise for 2019!


Before we throw 2018 to the wolves, let’s look back at North’s Top Ten Of 2018.  Here are some of our favorite new discoveries, best trends, and monumentous events of 2018!


1. Year of Transformation, The Moons Told Us


There were more lunar events, including new moons, blue moons, super moons and eclipses, in 2018 then in history showing intense transformations and rebirths for many. Did you experience major events and changes this year? 2019 is your year to embrace the education and lessons, however painful or uncomfortable, and use it to move forward and progress. Always remember…if you’re not uncomfortable, you’re not growing.


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2.The Dirty Cookie 


This was one of our favorite new discoveries.  These amazing cookie shot glasses were a Christmas gift to us by one of our fav clients, Kym B., who is always in the know. They come in multiple flavors and are local! (Location in Tustin).  Pair them with your favorite bottle of liqueur (We love 1921 Crème Tequila  or Baileys). They are the perfect hostess gift, so don’t be another guest holding a plant or bottle of wine.  Make your mark and bring the party to your next event. You can also buy online at https://www.thedirtycookieoc.com/collections/.


Use promo code NORTH15, created just for us by our friends at The Dirty Cookie for a 15% off discount.  Epic!



3. The 90’s Are Back! 


While this fashion trend might have scared a few initially there were definitely some adorable looks coming out of it…like grunge Golden Goose Tennis Shoes, scrunchies with rabbit ears, Doc Martens and high-waisted jeans!  Can’t get enough of our skinny Levi 501s! I buy mine one size up to make into the perfect fitting boyfriend jean. The high-waisted trend even dipped into work out pants. (I will never wear anything else again). We all can look skinny in leggings. Hooray!


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4. Hair Accessories Galor


Pairing a neckerchief or boho barrette with your pony or half upstyle turns your bad hair day into a definite DO! Dress up any t-shirt and jeans day with a pony scarf to look like you truly have your life together. Ha!



5. CBD Is On Everyone’s Shelves 


And we mean everyone. Even Whole Foods now carries CBD products.  CBD is popping up in every industry not just medicinal.  Some cosmetic companies are now including CBD in some of their anti-aging products. CBD products purport to help minimize pain, anxiety, and arthritis. This widespread embrace has definitely changed most of America. Suddenly people who have never touched a drink or the green leaf in their lives are buying CBD Products to help with their ailments.  We have to say, we don’t hate it. 



6.  Saphira Hair Care 


Saphira Hair Products were introduced to us this year, and Wow! Did we embrace them with open arms.  The products, based on 26 active healing minerals from the Dead Sea, not only smell amazing but deliver on the healing, softening, and protection that they claim.  

We also love the company!  Saphira Greenberg and her husband, both active in female empowerment, inspired by Boston organization Strong Women, Strong Girls, adapted the organization to Israel. In searching for financing for their organization the idea of Saphira Hair Care, that can make women feel amazing inside and out was born. Saphira is a perfect partner for us at North Salon…natural, supporting female empowerment and it delivers.


Done and done!

7.  I’m A Survivor, I’m Not Gon Give Up, I’m Not Gon Stop, I’m Gon Work Harder!


2018 was the year of the Woman! Women are rising.  Protesting, marching, organizing and building power.  


More than 100 women were elected to the House, easily breaking a record (they included two Native Americans, the first muslim women elected to Congress, and immigrants and children of immigrants).


Just days after a gunman opened fire at her school and killed 17 of her peers, Florida high school senior Emma Gonzalez used her voice to call national attention to gun law reform. She, along with several of her classmates, have held gun control rallies in their Florida community and called on government officials to act now to prevent future mass shootings from taking place. 


And this celebration of women’s achievements is starting younger…To celebrate International Women’s Day, Mattel is releasing “Shero” line of Barbie dolls that includes female role models like Amelia Earhart, ballerina Misty Copeland, Olympic fencer Ibtihaj Muhammad and gymnast Gabby Douglas.  


Go girls! #GirlPower

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8.  We’re Not Insane! Thank Goodness!

At th close of 2017, Apple finally acknowledged that they are in fact slowing down older versions of their IPhones when new versions are released spurring 1000s of lawsuits and a widespread backlash!  What confirmation to those of us that continually complain that our phone is acting wonky when new versions come out.  Heck yeah! We are not losing it!

9.  Olaplex 4 and 5


Olaplex has become liquid gold in the salon industry, offering Olaplex 1 and 2 Professional products and the at-home Olaplex 3 bond building treatment for clients. This year, the beloved company launched Olaplex 4 and 5 Shampoo and Conditioner.  

Selling out merely days after their initial launch.  The demand is high and therefore our shelves are always stocked with this wonderous product.  Remember, they are extremely thick so always emulsify a small amount in your hands before adding more product.  It should last you a good while.

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10.  The Royal Wedding 

Harry broke barriers this year marrying a divorcee, American actress, who has charmed most of the world. Showing that non-inclusive traditions are ready to be broken. 


Changes they are coming! Can’t wait to see what 2019 will bring.  

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North Salon has so many exciting additions and events on the horizon for 2019.  Here are just a few of what you can look forward to.

North Shop Is Going Live

That’s right, Beginning in February, you can now purchase your go to products, accessories, and styles on North’s website.  As we promise, we do all we can to make your life more convenient.



Not only that, but you will have the option to ship or pick up in store, including curbside pickup.  Can’t find parking? Don’t worry, pull up in front of North Salon and one of our team members will run your purchase to your car.  

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Braid Class for Parents


Other than the blast that we and our visitors had at Corona Del Mar’s Annual 2018 Christmas Walk, the key take away for us was moms and dads struggle with doing their daughters braids, ponytails, and buns.  


We are answering your prayers this year by hosting two events in early spring.  

Mommy Braid Class and Daddy Styling Class

We decided the split Mommys and Daddys up to adapt classes to specific challenges, needs and refreshments. Think Champagne vs Beer. Ha! 


Look for our event dates in February’s newsletter. 


Check out Advanced Education coming to North coming up next!


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North Academy 2019

North Salon is addicted to staying abreast of the latest trends, techniques and science of haircare so that we are your go-to for everything hair and beauty.  It is our commitment to you, our guests, to ensure that your limited time is free for anything and everything other than your hair.  We will do that for you! 


Since we opened our doors 20 months ago, we have strived to be the top salon in Southern California when it comes to ongoing and Advanced Education. This has not only benefited our guests, but it has made us one of the most sought out salons for top hair stylists.


Every Wednesday, North closes half of its space to conduct ongoing education for their Apprentices and Stylists. Classes in everything from haircutting, hair color, balayage and extensions are attended by our staff every week. We offer services at discounted prices, known as Academy services, to guests that are unable to afford our salon services otherwise.  You know you are getting services by Apprentices (already graduated and licensed from a Cosmetology Institution) that have undergone ongoing advanced training at North.  


In commitment to advanced education, North Salon has opened its space to host color, cut and styling classes by world-renowned Artists to stylists outside of North.  Due to high demand, we opened the North Academy for Advanced Education in 2018 where we continue to host outside Artists, but our stylists now also offer education to the public.

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2019 will be even more exciting.  North Academy has classes slotted by amazing artists from around the world, including Stephanie Brinkhoff, up style guru with over 2 million Pinterest followers and known for looks you have often seen.

Adam Ciaccia, a hairstylist from Melbourne, Australia, specializing in advanced cutting techniques.  We are so excited to be hosting them and so many more.  

If you are interested in signing up to be a model for our Academy, check out our website at www.salonnorthauthentic.com/northacademy/to learn more. 

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We are welcoming the new year with some awesome new accessories!

Leopard, Camo, Fannypacks, and Stars are a total DO right now.  Just in, Leopard Acetate Earrings in multiple designs, scrunchies, wallets, fanny packs, and tons of jewelry and clothing items.  

 They are super adorbs and will pair perfectly with any look!  Get then before they are gone!!

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January’s Look of the Month!
Via Instagram: @northauthentic
Stylist: Nancy

Nancy is one of North’s hair gurus and this look shows nothing less.  This transformation included a full head of foilayage, a shadow root and texture cut to boot.  
Want to open up 2019 on the best note ever? Start off your 2019 goals with the best hair of your life!
Call North Salon at 949.627.9998 to book a complimentary consultation.  Let us help you find the perfect look for you!