Does my Hair need Special Treatment this Spring?

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The overwhelming answer is Yeahuh!!

Why? Spring is a gorgeous time in Southern California. We are all excited to store our sweaters, throw on a pair of jean shorts and flip flops and jump on a duffy for Sunday mimosas  Our “Spring Cleaning” often invites willingness for change so many of us are ready to leave the darker hair hues we eagerly adopted for Fall and Winter and go a little brighter.

Spring is also the season of festivals, proms and weddings. What does this all mean? While one of our favorite seasons is full of exciting, life-changing events, it also lends itself to high abuse of our hair. Picture the hot tools setting those prom and wedding up-styles; pool and sun time between sets at Coachella, and of course highlights to bring back your natural spring blonde.

Your hair will undergo its fair share of abuse this season and it will likely get even more moving into Summer. So, what do you do to ensure your hair stays healthy, shiny and color safe?

At North, we value the protection of everyone’s hair. That is why, you may not know if you haven’t been to North yet, every guest has a thorough collaboration (also known as a consultation) with their North Artist. Prior to any service, you and your Artist will go over your hair’s current condition, discuss hair goals and timelines, and of course thoroughly discuss your at-home after-care program or pre-care program, if you are desiring a dramatic change. We want to ensure that you are set up to win! So we searched far and wide for a product that not only protects but repairs the hair from chemical damage! Hence…Olaplex.

Why We ♥ Olaplex

Being able to find a product that not only protects but repairs the hair from chemical damage, is everyone’s dream come true! Olaplex is an internal restructuring treatment, used to restore compromised hair.

How Does It Work?

It’s a simple three-step process that includes a patented active ingredient that works on a molecular level to seek out broken bonds in the hair that are caused by chemical, thermal, and mechanical damage. You can use Olaplex to restore compromised hair, or have it added it to a color service to provide the ultimate breakage insurance.  We at North, add Olaplex to almost every lightning service to ensure your hair is always in optimum health.

How Do I Use It?

In salon, we highly recommend adding it to most color services but it doesn’t stop there.  If your hair has been compromised, we at North love adding the Olaplex Stand Alone Treatment to your day of services.  This is an intense professional Olaplex treatment that involves approximately 20 minutes under the dryer followed by a haircut or style.

At home, Olaplex 3 is an extension treatment of your in salon service.  It is NOT a conditioner but is a bond building treatment.  Therefore, apply Olaplex 3 to dry or towel dried hair (if your hair is dirty or has a lot of build up clarify it first. We love Davines Solu Clarifying Shampoo for home use) and let sit for at least 5 to 10 minutes.  Follow with shampoo and conditioner.  We highly recommend leaving it on as long as you can.  Owner, Natalie Palomino, says she often applies it then braids her hair before a hot yoga class.  Let that steam soak it in!

Do I Need A Special Shampoo and Conditioner With It?

No. However, we are excited to announce that after a year formulating, Olaplex launched it’s own Shampoo and Conditioner… Olaplex 4 and 5, respectively.  This at home hair care system is said to continue the work of your Olaplex treatment, offering strengthening and shine without leaving the hair weighed down. Not sure about you, but we are in!

Interested in an Olaplex Treatment or the Olaplex at-home care system? Call North Salon at 949.627.9998 and let us walk you through any other questions you may have.

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