The Essential Haircare Tips to Avoid Brassy & Yellow Tones

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Bright Blondes Have More Fun!

So, if you have been following North Salon, you know that blondes are our specialty.  Orange County is the land of blondes and nothing is more satisfying than delivering the perfect beige blonde, avoiding unwanted warmth or yellowing. However, how long that color can last depends entirely on you and your after-care routine.

Think of it this way…when you buy any piece of clothing, blanket, or material good in the world you will find an aftercare or washing label sewn somewhere in the interior.  This is not a sales tactic to get you to buy the garment.  The maker of said garment is only trying to say, “Do you like this blouse? Well here is how to keep this blouse looking like this as long as possible.” Your at-home hair care system is no different.

What you do when you leave the salon has everything to do with how your color is maintained.  Treating and caring for your hair, and that includes not only shampoo, conditioner, and heat protecting products, but how you brush and style your hair, has 90% impact on how your color looks at week four, five, and beyond.

As we’ve mentioned in previous posts, chemical services such as color and highlighting, heat styling, and lifestyle habits that expose you to ongoing UV rays (tennis visor anyone?) open the cuticle.  When the cuticle is open, permanent color and/or toner has the perfect opportunity to slide right out. Without getting too much into the dramatics, that toner and color have counter-balancing tones to mute your natural underlying warmth.  (All hair in the world, except white, has yellow in it and most also have some form of orange, red, and blue).

Not only does color slide out, but when the cuticle is raised, your internal hair strand is now the perfect platform for minerals and metals ? from hard water (your shower) and pollution to make a nice home ? on the hair strand.

Styling products can also include elements that begin to build up on the hair strand when the cuticle is raised.  Some less expensive products can include melted down plastics that coat the hair to resemble shine while suffocating the hair strand and causing excessive drying. Whether it’s product, metal or mineral build up, these elements age while sitting on your hair strand eventually causing discoloration (aka, yellowing and brass).

What to do:

1. Use a Clarifying Shampoo

We love Davines Solu which gently removes build up. Use this weekly or biweekly.

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Davines SOLU Shampoo $30

2.  Follow Up With A Good Treatment  ??‍♀️

Right after clarifying, apply a rich, hydrating hair treatment like Davines Natural Tech Nourishing Building Pak. Use your Aqua Splash Tangle Teezer to ensure you are dispersing the product evenly throughout your hair.

3. Use a Bond Builder Weekly

When the hair is weakened through coloring, heat styling, and lifestyle habits, the bonds that give hair its strength break up.  You must do some much needed “couple’s counseling” or Olaplex 3 to get those bonds back together. This will ensure your color is maintained while also keeping your hair’s health for future color and heat styling.

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Olaplex No. 3 Hair Protector $28

4. Use a Purple Shampoo and Conditioner

If your hair is ORANGE, purple shampoo will do nothing. You must tone your hair, color it darker or have an experienced stylist lift your hair past the orange. It is not an easy fix with an at-home treatment.

However, if your hair is slightly yellowing or looking golden, this once a week or biweekly shampoo and conditioner might be all your need. We love Davines Alchemic Purple Shampoo and Conditioner.  They are rich and hydrating while delivering the perfect amount of balancing pigment to ensure your hair doesn’t turn purple on you. Some brands out there have WAY too much muscle for at-home use.  Unless you have a mirror in the shower and can watch every strand carefully, then don’t go for the muscle.

Also, do not use purple shampoos as your daily shampoo. We repeat, do not use purple shampoos as your daily shampoo. There is such a thing as too much of a good thing, right? Your hair may not turn exactly purple but it will start to dull out your hair. No thanks!

We hope you are enjoying our weekly tips on how to keep your hair and beauty regimen on point. Have a question? Email us at and maybe your question will be in a blog post soon!