Best Haircuts & Color for A Round Face

Hair Styles for a Round Face

We all do it; we find a cut or color on Pinterest or Instagram that we absolutely must have without really considering if the look is going to be flattering on us. Many joke, “I’m not sure if I want the hair or if I just want the face.” Ha! That joke holds a good deal of truth. Haircuts, hair styles and hair color rarely look universally amazing on everyone.  Skin tone, eye shape, jawlines (no chin/double-chins, etc), nose shape, face shape, body shape…all should be considered when seeking your most flattering hairstyle.

For instance, white blonde with ashy mushroom lowlights was a fan favorite on Instagram in 2018; however, did you notice that most photos were of the back of the head? That is because ashy tones are only flattering on a limited few.  Stay tuned for our July-August Series “Best Hair Color For Your Eye and Skin Tone.” The truth is, your perfect style and color will look amazing at every angle. Whether someone is looking at you from the front, side or back, your cut and color should accentuate your favorite traits and minimize any unflattering characteristics (aka… You should look as good coming as you do going).

In this series, we will be looking at how a haircut or color can effect your face shape and vice versa. It is amazing how your hair color and cut can accentuate or minimize facial shape, structure or traits such as eye placement, nose size, and chin width.  For instance, say you have wider-set eyes and you want to minimize this trait.  A heavy curtain or cheek bang could make your eyes appear closer together. Similarly, the high or low (jawline) placement of your “Money Piece” or front highlight can actually make your eyes appear closer together. Contrastingly, incorrect placement, say right at eye-level, could accentuate this trait and make your eyes appear even farther apart as the bright pieces cause the viewer to see a wide horizontal line.  Make sense?

Here are some key factors about face shapes to consider when researching your summer look.

There Are 6 Different Face Shapes

  • Round – Your chin and cheekbones are rounded making your face appear like a perfect circle.  The height and width of your face appear approximately the same. Your face curves slightly outward instead of being straight. (Celebs: Ginnifer Goodwin, Michelle Williams).
  • Oval – Your forehead is minimally wider than their curved chin. (Celebs: Hilary Duff, Blake Lively, Bella Hadid)
  • Square – Your face is nearly or as wide as it is long.  If you measure from the edge of your temples to where your jawline starts it is almost equal to the distance between your right and left jawline. You likely have sharp, angular features, including a sharp jawline. (Celebs: Angelina Jolie, Mariska Hargitay, Kate Moss)
  • Rectangle (or oblong) – Similar to a square-shaped face but longer they there are wide. Your forehead, cheeks, and jawline are approximately the same wide and your chin has a slight curve or is angular. (Celebs: Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet, Olivia Wilde)
  • Diamond – You have a pointed chin, high cheekbones, and a narrow forehead.  (Celebs: Jennifer Lopez, Kate Hudson, Rihanna)
  • Heart Shaped – Your chin is pointed and your forehead is the widest part of your face. Imagine an upside-down triangle. (Celebs: Reese Witherspoon, Sarah Hyland)

Everyone wants to be Oval… Whatevs Bella Hadid

Bella Hadid hair, sleek high pony tail hairstyle, face shape, oval face shape, the best hair styles for your face shape

The key to finding your most flattering hairstyle is one that creates the illusion that you have an oval face.  Oval faces have the perfect shape that can wear any style.

Diamonds Are Still A Girl’s Best Friend

If you have a diamond-shape face, most haircuts and color placement are fine as well, as this shape is very similar to oval except for the high cheekbones…which no one ever cried over. As you don’t have to worry much about minimizing unflattering facial structure, consider facial traits such as eye placement or nose size as well as hair texture and body shape instead.

You Are Not Stuck To A Certain Length

There are looks at every length (short, mid-length and long) that flatter every face shape so don’t feel locked into one length or style.

Lifestyle and Personality Are Always Paramount

Face shape is a fantastic way to help you find your best look, but of course, the most important factor is finding a haircut that feels like You and is easy for you to recreate on the daily.

For Today, we will be focusing on the “Round” Face shape

As we mentioned, the round face shape is a circle where the width and height are almost equal.  The cheeks and chin are rounded with no hard lines or angles. Many women say they have this face shape when they absolutely do not.

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Make the Cut

As our goal is to turn that circle into an oval shape, what would we want to do? We definitely don’t want to make the face look wider, so lots of layers that create width at the cheek area are a no no. Instead, we want to create length to make the face appear longer, so looks that create narrower horizontal lines and longer vertical lines are the way to go. What does that mean? Looks that create height and length, that sit narrower to the face shape are perfect..think rectangle.

For instance, look at these two looks on Kelly Osborne.  While her purple mohawk is not for everyone at every age, the tight sides and extreme height make her face look much slimmer and give her jawline structure. Opposing, the mid-length, highly-layered cut in the second photo shows how an incorrect cut can accentuate the face shape.

kelly osbourne hair, purple hair, faux hawk hair style, short hair cuts, round face shape, best hairstyles for your face shape, best hairstyles for a round face

kelly osbourne hair, short hair cuts, round face shape, best hairstyles for your face shape, best hairstyles for a round face, kelly osbourne silver hair, short curly hair

Longer layers (allowing for movement and width far below the jawline) and long bobs will make your neck and face appear more slender. A center part or soft face framing layers can also elongate this face shape.

One-lengths that fall below the chin and long bangs can also create drastic illusions of an oval shape. Check out this Youtube video of how a long one-length cut and fringe can change a face shape drastically.

Contrastingly, avoid cheek length flat bobs, thick bangs, or round layer haircuts (including round curly cuts) as this will only accentuate the face shape.  You absolutely can go short, but go for looks that create height, like pixies with plenty of volume like Michelle Williams.

michelle williams hair, pixie hair cut, pixie cut, celebrity hair styles, the best hairstyles for a round face, blonde pixie hairstyle

Create Vertical Lines With Color

When it comes to color, you also want the eye to follow a vertical silhouette.  One all over color creates a vertical line so is optimum for this face shape. If highlights are your jam, go for long face framing highlights that start at your hairline, rather than a cheek, eye or jaw-level starting point, which will cause the eye to travel horizontally (again, what we don’t want).

best hairstyles for a round face shape, face framing highlights, long hair styles, balayage

If you want highlights, go for full highlights with a root smudge and avoid harsh ombre’s that cut you in half.

Was Snookie Right?

While she made many mistakes, her extreme height, half-up pompadour and length were actually on the right track for balancing her round face shape.

Half-up Hairstyles, high ponytails, top-knots and long beach waves are the most flattering on this look as again…it causes the eyes of the viewer to go up and down rather than side to side.

best hairstyles for a round face shape, top knot with bangs, updo hairstyles

While many women complain that this face shape can make their weight appear higher than in actuality, it is quite easy to balance this shape while taking advantage of the youthful appearance that it offers.

Want to know more about your face shape? Stay tuned for our monthly series where we will be dissecting each shape and sharing the best looks for you!

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