Make 2020 Your Healthiest & Happiest Year Yet!


We make New Year’s resolutions with the best of intentions, but now that the Roaring 2020s are here, it’s time to greet the new decade with a personal challenge.

We – perhaps like you – keep telling ourselves that 2020 is the “get on track” year, ambitiously filled with living a zero-waste, organic only vegan diet, weight loss, abundant self-love, heavy duty workouts and career advancement. Naturally, we scuttle many of these resolutions by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around.

Don’t set yourself up for overwhelm by setting over-ambitious goals that are more likely to discourage you, than to motivate you. If a goals seem unattainable, we are more likely to throw them aside with the old excuse, “There is no way I’m going to get this done by that time.”  Whatever your goals for 2020 or the preceding decade, we have 10 easy to implement wellness ideas to make sure you are on the right track to a healthier new year!

1.     Stop Using Dirty Words

Set yourself up for success and refrain from using the word, “Resolution.” It’s kind of like the dirty word “diet” which sparks feelings of restriction, deprivation and resentment.  We realized long ago that calling it a ‘lifestyle choice’ rather than a diet gave it more long-term commitment and sustainability. Why not make your 2020 “goals” into lifestyle choices.  It is powerful to see how your thought process can affect long-term results.

2.    Think SMART

If you want to attain anything, from lifestyle choices to gaining that promotion at work, you are more likely to succeed if your goals are SMART…Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Trackable.  For instance, say you want to set aside more time for yourself to create balance.  Instead of saying, “I want to meditate more,” which is vague and difficult to compare to anything, your goal could be, “I will meditate every morning at 7:00 am for 10 minutes.”  Now that is specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and trackable.

Need help setting SMART goals?  Get a great motivational planner than helps you put all your goals into one place.  We love Passion Planners, as they include a ton of exercises to help you pinpoint short-term and long-term goals, produce actions for attaining each, as well as plenty of space for weekly and monthly reflections, game changer goals and notes (called Space of Infinite Possibilities J).

Every day you have the opportunity to include the “Best Part Of Your Day” and “What I Learned Today.”

These are amazing for focusing on the positive and ending every day on a positive note.  And who doesn’t want that!?

3.     Get More Quality Sleep

Sleep is an essential part of overall health, and sleep deprivation can lead to serious consequences. For instance, lack of sleep may increase your risk of weight gain, heart disease, and depression.

There are many reasons why people don’t get enough sleep, so it’s important to focus on your schedule and lifestyle to determine the best ways to improve sleep quantity and quality.

Decreasing screen time before bed, reducing light pollution in your bedroom, setting yourself up for relaxation pre-sleep hours are great ways to improve your sleep hygiene.  Give your body ample time to rest and release all thoughts in a hot bath with organic an organic bath bomb, like Poppy & Petunia’s Himalayan Sea Salt Bath Bomb.  Himalayan salt baths are said to improve sleep, reduce fatigue, stress, and pain and increase feelings of contentment and emotional health. They deliver magnesium, treat eczema, acne, psoriasis and poor circulation.[1]

[1] “Can a Himalayan Salt Bath Treat Eczema or Help Me Lose Weight?” By Corey Whelan, Healthline, May 13, 2019.

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4.     Meditate

Nothing is better for calming the mind, then meditation.  Not a meditator, no problem.  There is such a thing called “moving meditation.’ Bring meditation back to a more reasonable pace with daily life practice meditation, which is also called Samu work meditation in the Buddhist Zen tradition.[1] In this style of meditation, practitioners slow down daily activities to half-speed and use the extra time to be mindful and focus on thoughts. There’s no need to sign up for a class when it’s possible to meditate while going for a walk, taking a bath, or doing a yoga class.

[1] “10 Unexpected ways to Meditate Every Day” By Sophia Breen, May 22, 2013.

5.     Add More Produce to your diet

The food that we eat is fuel for our body so it’s important to think about what we’re introducing into our diet.

Try buying fresh, organic food fruits, vegetables, and eggs whenever possible. Visiting your local farmer’s market is great for your health and the planet’s. You’re supporting local organic farming that doesn’t involve pesticides or excessive transportation. You’re also helping out a local business owner who appreciates your support! There’s basically no downside here.

Keep your fruits and vegetables fresh longer by using reusable produced bags, like these boho-chic tie dye reusable cotton produce bags.

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Simply wash your fruits and vegetables then store them in the reusable bag and watch them stay crisp and fresh for over a week and a half.

6.     Use Healthier Household Products

It’s obvious that what you put into your body can significantly impact your health. However, what products you use in your home matter. Make a New Year’s resolution to purchase household cleaners and laundry detergents to create a healthier environment for yourself and your family.

7.     Take More Me-Time and practice Self Care

Taking time for yourself is not selfish. In fact, it’s imperative for optimal health and wellbeing. This is especially true for those in caretaker roles, such as parents and teachers. For people with busy schedules and limited time, making a resolution to engage in self-care may take some planning. However, it’s well worth the time investment.

Self-care doesn’t have to be elaborate or time consuming. It can simply mean taking a bath every week, doing a beauty night with yourself or going for a walk in nature. Spend one night a month giving your self and body love, by giving yourself a facial with a yummy all-natural face mask like Nash & Jones Fossil Clay Mask.

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Pair it with the Bamboo bowl and brush to optimize ingredients’ effects and lend to a beautiful experience.

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Top it off with a lip scrub, mask and overnight ultra-moisturizing lip treatment like our Sleep Kit by Sara Happ.

8.     Eliminate Toxins from your skin care routine.

This is a biggie…Our body is the only one we have to carry us through the short time we are here so why not treat it like the blessing it is? Try to find self-care products that are organic, environmentally friendly and free of toxins that negatively impact our health.  Use a daily lotion that is all natural like Lucy B’s Lavendar Body Oil.

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Made with organic argan oil, organic flower essences, and organic coconut oil, this product delivers maximum hydration to your skin without all the toxins found in popular brands.

When it comes to skin care regimens that impede acne and agine, many of us feel that we have to go for the brands with muscle. However, all-natural, organic skin care brands are showing up that deliver even better results and won’t affect your overall health. Choose a line that is made from natural ingredients like radish root and rose water, like Nash & Jones or Lauren Napier.  Lauren Napier makeup cleansing wipes are the perfect on-the-go beauty product for the busy gal.  These all-natural biodegradeable cleansing wipes like not only expunge makeup and impurities, but are formulated with Noni (rich in Vitamin C) to tackle adult acne, dark spots, and dry or rough skin. Selenium preserves skin’s elasticity.

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Lycopene shield skin from harmful UV rays, as well pore-clogging environmental pollution. Natural skin healers Guava and Vitamin K work together to stimulate collagen production while treating the look of dark circles, spider veins, rosacea, and uneven skin.  They are individually packaged so they won’t dry out and easy to store in your purse. Grab one for after a yoga or kickboxing class and enjoy a dirt-free and sweat-free face for the rest of your errand day.

9.     Change your Deodorant

Deodorant is listed as a major contributor to health issues due to the high amount of aluminum and other harmful ingredients.  Aluminum is Easily absorbed by the skin and can accumulate over time in the brain, potentially causing Alzheimer’s Disease, cancer and other neurological conditions.

Go for an all-natural deodorant like Routine Inc. These deodorants deliver with bases like baking soda, beeswax, and activated charcoal to ensure you’re staying fresh all day.

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10.     Use a Natural-based Perfume

Fragrance is listed as one of the top toxins found in beauty products (See Keep Toxic Chemicals Out of Your Beauty Products), but that doesn’t mean you have to give up on smelling gorg on the daily.  Pick out a organic, all-natural based fragrance like Luna Noel Essential Oil based fragrances.  These amazing body perfumes are made with the highest quality essential oils, organic grape alcohol, and flower essences. They smell amazing and the spritzes double as a natural anti-bacterial hand spray.

The Takeaway

Forget about New Year’s Resolution and commit to making lifelong sustainable ways to improve your physical and emotional health.  Creating a healthier relationship with food, body and mind, can drastically improve your health in multiple ways.

Ignore overwhelm by remembering the 80/20 Rule.  It would be amazing if we killed it in 100% of our decisions, but the reality is we are all human. We have moments of weakness, we get sick, depressed, unmotivated, and sometimes just want to say f#@! it.  Rule is, if you are making healthier, conscious decisions 80% of the time, then you are winning.  There are great resources out there, like, to help you make better decisions when it comes to healthier household and personal care products. Good luck in making 2020 your beginning of a healthier happier life.