Boyish Jeans

Boyish Jeans is a collection of sustainable women’s denim founded by California native, Jordan Nodarse.  Designed in Los Angeles, each collection is centered on vintage silhouettes with a modern update.  The fun, ‘boyish’ style including distressed denim and 80s inspired cropped denim jackets offer a unique style that we at North pride ourselves on bringing to you.

Boyish focuses on product quality, fit, and authentic washes to create styles reminiscent of your favorite pair of vintage jeans with an updated, fresh design and feminine fit.

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Boyish Jeans The Billy

At the core of all Boyish collections lies a deep commitment to leaving as little impact on the earth as possible. Therefore, Boyish utilizes ethical and sustainable practices when developing and manufacturing its products. Yahoo!!

All jeans are produced with sustainable fabrics through a completely environmentally-friendly and cruelty-free process.

Boyish Jeans’ efforts in sustainable fashion include working with ethical factories, using less harmful chemicals during the dying process, utilizing one-third of the amount of water typically needed to produce a pair of jeans, and working exclusively with recycled fabrics and materials for everything put out by the brand.  From hangtags and hardware, everything put forth by Boyish Jeans is thought through to ensure there is minimal impact on our environment.

Doing its part to reduce waste in one of the most polluting industries in the world – fashion, Boyish Jeans aims to set the standard for production practices and encourage others to join in the movement.  A brand that feels good to buy and even better to wear, the only impact Boyish leaves on the planet is good jeans.

As one of the foundations of sustainable fashion is to avoid over-production, North’s lines are continuously changing and come in small quantities. Check back often to ensure you are taking home our unique items the short time they are available.

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