At North, we specialize in Beaded Halo and Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions, the two least invasive and most natural looking hair extension methods in the beauty industry. Read more to learn about which method is perfect for you.

Beaded Halo Hair Extensions

Great For All Hair Types (except ultra fragile, fine hair) looking for volume, length or both

Benefits of Beaded Halo:

You are in and out of the salon in less time. 

Gone are the days of 6-12 hour extension application days.  You are in and out of the salon in 2-3 hours.

No Glue/Tape and Therefore No Residue

Since there is no glue or tape, the removal process is quick and simple and only takes 5 minutes.  Not to mention it leaves no residue or oil.

Less Damage, Limited Visibility And No Slippage

We use only Full-Cuticle Human Hair in North Signature Fusion Weft Extensions, which is an ultra-fine machine-tied weft, or Hand Tied Wefts.  These lightweight wefts allow multiple layers and colors to be applied to each row allowing for beautiful multi-dimension, seamless blending and limited damage and pulling on the natural hair.

People don’t believe how easy and seamless this method is until they actually wear them.  Interested in learning more about North’s Beaded Halo Extensions? Click below to schedule a consultation.


Pricing by Consultation Only. However, As a reference: (All pricing is stated as “From” meaning “Starting at”.  Prices are subject to change depending Artist as well as as length, volume, and density requires more hair).

One Row (Perfect for added thickness and volume. Maximum added length 2 -3 inches) – Starts at $500/Natalie Starts at $800

Two Rows (Perfect for added thickness, volume, and length of five to six inches.) – Starts at $800/Natalie Starts at $1200

Three Rows  (Perfect for added thickness, volume and length of 6 or more inches) – Starts at $1200, Natalie Starts at $1800.

We recommend 2 ½ to 3 rows where multiple inches of length are desired.

Invisible Tape-In Extensions

Best for Fine hair and looking for volume or Spot Application.

Benefits of Invisible Tape-In Extensions: 

Perfect for Spot Application

Invisible Tape In Extensions are the perfect method for adding length or density to areas of the head that are weak, don’t seem to grow past a certain length or experiencing hair loss.

Look Natural and Use No Glue, No Heat And No Rings

Less Damage and Lightweight For More Fragile Hair

Because Skin-Weft Adhesives can be applied individually or together, they are extremely lightweight for those whose hair is not strong enough to wear Beaded Halo or other Hair Extension styles.


(All pricing is stated as “From” meaning “Starting at”.  Prices are subject to change depending Artist as well as as length, volume, and density requires more hair).

Price per adhesive with one sided tape (Perfect for ultra-fine or fragile hair where a sandwich adhesive would be too heavy) – Starts at $50

Price per Sandwich (two adhesive extension pieces with differing lengths and colors to create length, thickness or dimension) Starts at  ($75)

Half Head Of Extensions.  From $350

Full Head of Extensions.   From $700

Custom Day Wear Halo Extensions

Personalized Halo Extensions.  Love the idea of Halo extensions that are easy to wear, don’t include the discomfort or bulkiness of clip-ins, and look seamless with your own hair? We have your back.

North offers custom-made day-wear Halo Extensions using our Top-Of-The-Line Full-cuticle Hum Hair Fusion Wefts.  Your North artists will match your color perfectly by using multiple color wefts to create the perfect natural multidimensional color for your new length or volume.

Our wefts are made with comfortable North signature invisible headband, strong and sturdy, which disappear into your hair for

We simply match your hair, measure your halo for comfort, and construct your halo that you can take that day.

Pricing From at $600

(All pricing is stated as “From” meaning “Starting at”.  Prices are subject to change depending Artist as well as as length, volume, and density requires more hair).

How Do I Take Care of Hair Extensions?

Caring for hair extensions is not difficult. The main rules are:
  1. Shampoo with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner. We love Davines’ Momo Shampoo and Conditioner which smells amazing and applies lighter moisture.  Avoid applying conditioners or oils on your roots as this may cause slippage in the extensions.
  2. Always use a extension safe brush when combing extensions, like the Extension Wet Brush.Start at the ends and work your way up. Be sure to hold above the area you are combing to limit pulling and tugging on the connection.
  3. Apply a hair extension oil to your extensions daily. Remember, your hair extensions are not directly attached to your scalp so they do not receive the nutrients created by your natural sebum.  We love Saphira’s The One, which is rich in multiple highly absorbent oils, minerals, and antioxidants.
  4. Place your hair in a loose ponytail or braid when you sleep to avoid knotting.
  5. Dry thoroughly at the roots. When drying your hair, ensure to get all the moisture out of the top of the extensions first before working your way down to the ends.
  6. Watch the heat.Remember, it is human hair so use the same process you use in protecting your own hair.  Use a heat protectant like Living Proof’s Restore Instant Protection which protects up to 450 degrees and ensure your hot iron is turn to 360 degrees or below.
Interested in discussing North’s Beaded Halo or Invisible Tape-In Hair Extensions? Call Now at (949)627-9998 to schedule a complimentary consultation and color-match or book online at
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